Guadalupe Alvarez
Estudio Artes electrónicas en la Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. Tengo 19 años y soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Este blog está abocado a mostrar mi trabajo en el ámbito artístico.

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"Se burla de las cicatrices aquel que nunca ha sido herido."

William Shakespeare (via onlymaay)


Bina Altera



Jerome Lagarrigue (b.1973, France/USA) - Iris

Jérôme Lagarrigue is an award-winning French painter and illustrator, living and working in New York. Lagarrigue captures the world in his work. Landscapes or human models, the subjects of his paintings are all serving his artistic quest. The Franco-American artist combines figuration and abstraction in his paintings, transparencies and dilutions, reliefs and layers, in order to capture the double dimension of existence. An extension of the philosophical conflict between pragmatism and the metaphysical, his works have two visions, that were opposed until now, reunites them and opens the way to a sensorial and emotional interpretation of form and of substance. His work is an invitation seize the immanence which lies restless under the traits of the ordinary. (src. Artsper)

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Olivier Ratsi - Onion Skin- plus Video

Created by Olivier Ratsi, an artist on the ANTIVJ visual label, Onion Skin is a new immersive installation comprised of two walls, positioned at right angles and augmented by a projection and a 5.1 sound broadcast. The experience of the installation is based on a very specific point of view, a precise position from which a new dimension is revealed to the audience by anamorphosis.

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Cementerio de Recoleta - Buenos Aires

Lost highway in a moebius band poem

Lost highway in a moebius band poem

lost highway    David Lynch    moebius band    


Texturas cálidas

Textures    Colors    Art    Photography    Goethe    

Full of colors

Colors    Goethe    Art    photography    

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